SJ160 PE wax making machine---export to Middle East

COFINE MACHINERY    SJ160 PE wax making machine---export to Middle East

SJ160 PE wax manufacturing machine---export to Middle East

1.This PE wax production machine is ordered by Middle East customer ,the extruder type is SJ160/38, the capacity is 300-350KG/H.
2,The PE wax is widely used in producing masterbatch,filler,defoamer ,granule,PVC profile,hot melt adhesive,rubber,shoe scream,cable,printing ink,injection and etc.
3.PE wax production machine video link:
4.We also can supply you litharge production line,Zinc stearate production line,TBLS production line,Barium Stearate production line ,Calcium stearate production line,red lead production line...
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