Litharge production line ---export to our Iran customer

COFINE MACHINERY    Litharge production line ---export to our Iran customer

Litharge production line ---export to our Iran customer

1.This Litharge production line is ordered by our Iran customer,The capacity is about 8T/Day.
2.This Litharge production machine is used for production of litharge(Lead Mono Oxide / Lead Yellow Oxide) which is widely used in industries like ceramics and glass, lubricants and greases, insecticides, inorganic pigments, Lead soaps, petroleum refining, rubber,PVC and etc.The litharge is made from lead ingot 99.97-99.99% purity.The lead will be first smelt in the smelting furnace,and then made powder in the Barton furnace,oxidized in oxidization furnace, at last get powder from screen milling machine and collected in the silo .
3.Litharge production machine video link: 

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